How does our model work?


We have a simple goal: reduce preventable deaths from surgically treatable conditions. To achieve this, we collaborate with ministries of health, academia, NGOs and surgical teams in low-income areas to support a transformation in patient outcomesIn doing so, we get more patients the surgical care they need - quickly, safely and affordably. 

To reach our goal, we are on a path to:

+ Drive improvements in access to safe surgery for an additional 50 million individuals by 2020;

+ Build and strengthen sustainable ecosystems for essential and emergency surgery in low-income areas;

+ Help shield families from falling into poverty after the injury or death of a breadwinner.

Surgical teams on the front lines of the safe surgery movement have the power to significantly impact results in ORs around the world. That is why we are on the field, actively working with local surgical teams to help them lift barriers and provide essential quality care to those in need. 

This is how we do it:


- 1 -

We act as advocates and advisers
for countries that prioritize
national surgical planning.


- 2 -


We develop and support cohorts of
local surgical leaders who
spark transformation.


- 3 -

We develop, test, and scale programs that directly address the toughest local challenges.


- 4 -

We measure, analyze, and share our findings to engage the global community with safe surgical practices that work.




Safe Surgery 2020 works with ministries of health, NGOs, and hospitals to discover and accelerate surgical improvements through cutting-edge programs in leadership development, innovation, and data management. In other words, we enable the minds and hands that save lives every day to design a new future for their patients.