We see an opportunity to change the future of surgery.

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The need for surgical care is massive

For the first time in history, surgically-treatable conditions cause more deaths than infectious diseases. Responsible for one-third of the global disease burden, surgically-treatable conditions kill 17 million people each year and cause or prolong disability for millions more. And access is deeply unequal: Over 95% of people in South Asia and much of Africa cannot access surgical care, compared with about 5% in high-income regions like Western Europe.

But innovators are designing solutions

From a car accident, to childbirth or a cancer diagnosis, surgery is often the best solution for a patient’s survival and quality of life. In the face of major resource constraints, most hospitals already problem solve on a daily basis to save lives. What if we could harness the innovation taking place today, and further support hospitals with effective, low-cost solutions to improve conditions at their hospital - like electricity, skills training, safe water, and more?

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Now is the time to transform surgery 

There has never been more momentum behind global surgery. From the adoption of World Health Organization Resolution 68/31 on surgery, to the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, to the myth-dispelling findings on surgical interventions in Disease Control Priorities 3, to the launch of the Global Alliance for Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma, & Anesthesia Care, the world is watching - and the global surgery community is acting.

We do it by designing, testing, and scaling solutions with partner hospitals.

Safe Surgery 2020 has four primary strategic goals, achieved through the collaborative efforts of our partners:

1. Advocating for increased prioritization of surgery at the national level, and supporting Ministries of Health that make the decision to prioritize surgery with their national surgical planning process;

2. Developing and scaling a leadership development program for surgical teams that improves their ability to communicate effectively, problem solve around resource constraints, and lead the way to transforming care at their hospitals;

3. Enabling increased innovation in safe surgery and anesthesia through partnerships and direct programs in priority areas for our partner countries and hospitals, such as clinical skills training, medical oxygen solutions, safe water, and more;

4. Supporting the design and implementation of robust monitoring and evaluation systems that allow us to continuously improve our programs while building local capacity for collecting and reporting on data for surgery - all while being careful to avoid duplicating the efforts of others.

We are a partnership with a common vision - and we call on you to join us.

Safe Surgery 2020 is made possible with the support of GE Foundation, is hosted by Dalberg, and is implemented by Jhpiego, Assist International, Harvard Program on Global Surgery and Social Change, and the G4 Alliance. Our local partners in Ethiopia include the Federal Ministry of Health, the Surgical Society of Ethiopia, and Mekelle University, among others. We are currently working in Ethiopia, with plans to further expand our reach.

Interested in learning more? Let's get to know each other. Please reach out to us at info@safesurgery2020.org.