Where are we making an impact?


Safe Surgery 2020 currently operates in the following countries: 


+ Ethiopia 


In April 2016, Safe Surgery 2020 enrolled its first Leadership in Safe Surgery cohort. Mekelle University in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, Jhpiego, and the Federal Ministry of Health and the Surgical Society of Ethiopia partnered to train teams of surgeons, integrated emergency surgical officers (IESOs), nurses, anesthetists, and obstetricians from Adishihu Hospital, Alamata Hospital, CURE Ethiopia Children’s Hospital, Lemelem Karl Hospital, Korem Hospital and Mehoni Hospital.

Over the past year, the teams have implemented quality improvement projects such as reducing surgical site infections and minimizing the no-show rate for elective surgeries. 



+ Tanzania

In April 2017, Safe Surgery 2020 entered Tanzania by partnering with the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elders and Children for a two-day workshop on drafting the National Surgical, Obstetric and Anaesthesia Plan (NSOAP). The NSOAP focuses on providing improvements to Tanzania’s surgical workforce, service delivery, infrastructure, information management and financing.This comprehensive plan will be completed and launched by the end of this 2017.




+ Next?

Our team is actively seeking new countries, programs, and opportunities to transform surgery globally.