Between life and death: Making surgery work at a new hospital

This is a guest blog post by G4 Member Jhpiego - an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University.  

Jhpiego is a partner in the Safe Surgery 2020 initiative, which brings together the G4 Alliance,  Assist International, the Harvard Program in Global Surgery and Social Change (PGSSC) and Dalberg, with leadership and funding from the GE Foundation in an effort to accelerate access to safe surgery and anesthesia for those in need.


“I was between life and death,” the young mother recalled. 
“I didn’t think I would survive, but thanks to the emergency surgical officer and his team, I and my child managed to survive.”


Dangila, Ethiopia – Fernos Fente was in labor and in need of simultaneous surgeries—a highlyunusual and highly risky scenario—when she was referred to Dangila Primary Hospital in northwest Ethiopia. She needed both a cesarean section and removal of a portion of the intestine due to a gangrenous blockage.