Safe Surgery for Women: Sharing Rahel's Story


All women, everywhere, should be able to access safe surgical care.

Up until 2016, when a mother living in Mehoni, a remote town of 20,000 people in northern Ethiopia, faced complications in childbirth she was referred to a hospital 25 kilometers away for a C-section. The journey to this hospital was difficult for women in labor and many women and their babies died before ever reaching the operating room.

Over the past two years, Safe Surgery 2020 has supported the primary hospital in Mehoni to start delivering basic and emergency surgeries. The surgical team have participated in our leadership development and mentorship program. And we have co-created solutions to overcome the infrastructure issues the hospital faced. 

The Mehoni hospital has gone from not being able to provide C-sections to providing at least 15 safe C-sections every month. 

Rahel shares her story of having an emergency C-section at Mehoni Primary Hospital and the incredible impact surgery has had on her life.

Ashley Eberhart